Asterisk as a signalling server

Can Asterisk function only as a signalling server. The media has to pass through turn server.

In certain situations there are options to allow media to go directly but it requires specific circumstances. No encryption, no WebRTC, same codec, no call recording, same DTMF, and more. It’s not a SIP proxy so it can’t just act as a signalling mechanism in all cases.

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You didn’t say SIP, although that is a reasonable assumption.

I would also add that media always starts as going through Asterisk, even when subsequently re-INVITEd to direct media, and will be returned to Asterisk, when one party clears.

There was an option with the old channel driver, to set up the B leg media as direct from the onset, but that was never officially supported, and that channel driver is no longer supported.

In many common cases, media will be set up via Asterisk on the A side, at the start of the call, before the B side is attempted.

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