Asterisk Direct SRTP

Does Asterisk support using SRTP with direct media between devices? With RTP, direct media works fine but as soon as I switch to SRTP Asterisk will force the devices to use indirect media and send all traffic (audio) through the server. I am using Asterisk v13.19.0.

No, If SRTP is negotiated then direct media will not occur.

What is this a limitation of? Asterisk? SRTP? It is hard to imagine all traffic (audio/video) having to traverse through the SIP server especially if the SIP server resides in the cloud. You now introduce a lot of latency for 2 devices on the same LAN.

It is a restriction imposed by Asterisk. It may or may not be possible to do direct media with SRTP, it’s not something anyone has explored or tackled.

Thank you for the quick response. Do you know if this is on the road map for Asterisk to support?

I know of noone that is actively working on such a thing or who has plans to. Asterisk itself is really shaped and evolves based on what people contribute.

I think you can safely assume it is not on the road map.

The problem is the key exchange is done on a per link basis.