Asterisk as a pure SIP IVR Server

Hello to all.

I am new with Linux, PHP, MySQL and Asterisk. I have managed so far to just install all the four mentioned items on a server from scratch after 2 weeks. I am using FC3 by the way.


I am studying how to use Asterisk as a pure SIP IVR Server. So, I don’t need any of the hardware to interface to PSTN. Basically, we want the Asterisk to do only IVR functions for our SIP network. The IVR should be able to integrate with the Billing to validate the account numbers, check balances, reload balances.

Would this be possible? I heard of many people using Asterisk IVR but using the PSTN. I have seen many commercial sites advertising that they use the Asterisk IVR in their products, which are quite expensive. I have looked through the internet for some guides or samples for configuring Asterisk just to run as IVR but have had no luck.

If there is anyone here who can offer any assistance, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks! :smile:

Yes, it is possible to use Asterisk as a SIP only service, including the IVR capabilities (this is how I use Asterisk in many cases). Some examples may be found here:

Yes, it is definitely possible. In fact this is all I do! I don’t want to invest in an ISDN connection and fiddle with pesky alpha zaptel drivers, so I got an incoming SIP number and I register Asterisk with that sip proxy.

Asterisk works like a charm, it’s easy to script with, unlike many commercial offerings.