Asterisk ARI: Originate a video channel

I have an issue when a caller wants to make a video call.
The simplified logic is:

  1. caller creates a channel to the server
  2. server makes a bridge
  3. server originates a channel with ARI
  4. server puts the both of them in the bridge
    by default when I originate a channel to the callee extension (POST /channel/) the media is set to carry the audio, when caller invites someone with video support (wants to have a video call) is there any way to originate the callee channel with video in the sdp?

You could specify the formats in the “formats” field or use “originator” to associate it with the calling party, which should allow it to occur.

I have the same issue but i am using node ari client. There is a format option when creating a bridge. What should i write in there ?