Asterisk Appliance Logs?

My phone isn’t registering with my Asterisk appliance,
but I’m not sure where to find any logs to see what is
going on? Does the appliance not support log viewing?


check any lgos in asterisk use this directory

cd /var/log/asterisk
then go for message file you get all logs

try this its help you

root:/ramfs/var/log/asterisk> ls -l
-rw-r–r-- 1 0 0 0 Oct 18 13:23 event_log
-rw-r–r-- 1 0 0 38 Oct 18 13:23 queue_log

The ‘help’ command didn’t list the ‘ls’ command, so I didn’t even
think about trying that. Although it appears the out-of-box logs
are pretty slim on the Asterisk Appliance. I guess I need to get
them turned on higher so I will actually get some data to review.

PS- Remember I’m using their Appliance, not a SW installation.