Asterisk and WebBrowser integration

Hi All,

I use asterisk 1.2.x in a CentOS box and it handles both inbound and outbound calls and we use eyeBeam softphone for this purpose. A BASH AGI actually logs each call in MySQL database and if its an inbound call, I was able to retreive the callerID of the caller and search the client database and was able to show it in the eyeBeam. So agents can identify the name of the client instead of just the number. Now, is it possible for me to display client name in a web interface. I know some kind of an integration with Asterisk and Browser is necessary for this. Any hints on this??

Kurian Thayil.

I am sure with agi, a database, and php its possible


Have a look at Flash Ops Panel

It will do this very well. I use it for intergrating vtiger or the like.