Asterisk and quintum

How do i register the quintum and/or interconnect asterisk via IP? I would like to make a call from soft phone registered in asterisk to quintum attached to pstn. THanks.


i would assume you do it like you do any 2 SIP devices … setup a trunk between the 2 and an appropriate dialplan. what have you tried so far ?

Btw, I’m using Quintum DX

	Tenor DX [0]

System Software P104-12-10 Aug 14 2006, 18:49:52
H323 Module : 3.1.1
SIP Module : 2.1.0
Boot Software P103-08-08

Serial Number: A011-010430

20-Channel DSP Cards: 1 [1 0 0]
120-Channel DSP Card: No
Digital Interfaces: 2 [1 0 0 0]

Cli Error file version is 1.22
Cli Help file version is
Cli Object file version is 1.15

Database Version: DB_CMS_M10_A013_V8.0.00_120105

Below is the config and log i got from CLI


Feb 6 17:11:36 NOTICE[1922]: chan_sip.c:11084 handle_request_register: Registration from ‘sip:quintum@x.x.x.x’ failed for ‘x.x.x.x’ - Username/auth name mismatch

I’m not sure if quintum is successfuly registered but I no longer see the error from the CLI about username/auth mismatch.

I got this from “sip show peer nx-quintum”:

Codec Order : (ulaw,alaw)
Status : Unmonitored
Useragent : nx-quintum
Reg. Contact : sip:x.x.x.x

Before, i dont get to see the useragent and Now i can see it but still the status is unmonitored that is why im not sure yet if it is really registered.

Assuming it is, how do i reach the extensions behind the pbx which is attached to quintum via E1/r2?

xlite > asterisk > SIP > quintum > e1/r2 > nortel PBX > extensions here…

Quintum already has a default user “guest” with secret “guest”; you may use these instead of using Quintum & Quintum;

other then above;if you are using username “quintum” and password “quintum” have you already done with the SIP config into your quintum box? under VoIP Configuration >> SIP Signaling Group-x >> User agent? If Yes; please mention:

Also in an ADVANCE TAB; uncheck the “include Quintum Header”.

Hope ths works…

Best of Luck


@atifminhas - I already did that thing. Now im not sure if the quintum is really registered in the asterisk. A friend told me to use “database show” command in asterisk CLI. He said that if i can see the iP address of the quintum then its already registered. But whenever i issue “sip show peer quintum” i got a “status: unmonitored”

Its already working: i can call from xlite > asterisk > sip > quintum > e1r2 > nortel PBX > extension destination.

Another problem is call from nortel pbx extension to xlite registered in xlite.

Should there be a special config in SIP.CONF and EXTENSIONS.CONF in order for the extensions behind nortel pbx to reach my asterisk??