Asterisk and project gizmo to call out


I’ve followed the instructions to use project gizmo as a SIP provider that are on and it worked fine for gizmo SIP numbers but not for regular phone lines.

Anyone has managed to get that working ?



click here for Gizmo with Asterisk help. … &Itemid=26

but that doesn’t work for calls to a regular phone line.

am I wrong ? that’s what I’ve tried and asterisk says that the call has been answered 4 seconds after I place the call and then it says that it hung up.



Actually GizmoProject is a softphone the underlying service provider is SIPPhone ( So for dialing out you would use the intructions provided by SIPPhone for using their service. If you buy the SIPPhone service using your GizmoProject ID then the SIPPhone SIP URI should be the same and ring both your Gizmo softphone and Asterisk if you have the inbound service.