Asterisk and OOH323

Hi all,

We have a problem with ooh323, probably it’s a simple one but i don’t know how to resolve it.

We we Asterisk with SIP and its addon OOH323, the first works well, while the second give us some problem.

on the extension.conf we have something like that:
exten => 100, 1, Dial(OOH323/<number_to_call>@,30,t)

asterisk call correctly the dialed_number, the called telephone ring, but when i answer the phone, asterisk doesn’t detect the signal… and after some time it return no answer on cdr.

this is the debug of ooh323

    -- Executing Dial("SIP/__number__-7648", "OOH323/__number__@__ip__|30|rRt") in new stack
---   ooh323_request - data __number__@__ip__ format 0x100 (g729)
---   find_peer
+++   find_peer
+++   ooh323_request
---   ooh323_call- __number__@__ip__
+++   ooh323_call
    -- Called __number__@__ip__
---   onNewCallCreated ooh323c_o_22
---   find_call
+++   find_call
setting callid number __number__
 Outgoing call __ip__(ooh323c_o_22) - Codec prefs - (g729)
        Adding capabilities to call(outgoing, ooh323c_o_22)
        Adding g729A capability to call(outgoing, ooh323c_o_22)
        Adding g729 capability to call(outgoing, ooh323c_o_22)
---   configure_local_rtp
+++   configure_local_rtp
+++   onNewCallCreated ooh323c_o_22
--- onAlerting ooh323c_o_22
---   find_call
+++   find_call
+++ onAlerting ooh323c_o_22
    -- OOH323/__ip__-c355 is ringing

At this point i answer the but nothig happens... and after few seconds.. asterisk give

---   ooh323_hangup
    hanging __ip__
+++   ooh323_hangup
---   onCallCleared ooh323c_o_22
---   find_call
+++   find_call
+++   onCallCleared
---   ooh323_destroy
 Destroying __ip__
+++   ooh323_destroy

Any advice ? Thx