Asterisk and Homer 7.x

So I’m racked my brain and the forum for days now and figured I’d try asking like a normal human haha!

I am using Asterisk 18.x with Homer ( This works as expected using the HEP module and such, but Homer needs to be able to associate the A leg and B leg of the calls. Their solution is to add a SIP header x-cid with the call-id of the A leg (ingress) in the B leg.(to extension etc.)

PJSIP X-CID Correlation for BLEG


However adding this to the extensions_custom s doesn’t appear to work. I can get it to add the x header x-cid but the value is blank.

I am open to any and all suggestions at this point.

that is not a normal asterisk extention but one from FreePBX
you need to use an exterions that is configure in your Dial Command

b( context^exten^priority ) - Before initiating an outgoing call, 'Gosub' to the specified location using the newly created channel. The 'Gosub' will be executed for each destination channel.

priority (params )

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