Asterisk and Hardphones

Help me!!!

“I want to setup Asterisk Server to support 100 users with normal hardphones (simple voice phones non- VOIP Phones) to be connected to asterisk server and able to communication or call each other in a office environment.”

Kindly Help me to sort out the Archetechture and Hardware requirement in above descibed model i want to implement.

You need ATA devices or PCI card with FXS interface
visit that link and read. … ome+analog

for 100 users i suspect you’d be better off with multiple T1/E1 interfaces and channel banks. … annel+Bank

if asterisk’s voicemail were to replace these hardphone’s built-in answering machine, how would asterisk light up these machines’ message lamp if voicemail is received?..or can this be done?

depends on the phone, but our analog aastra phones connected via a sipura light up fine when there is a VM.

i would think most phones would recognize a VM signal from a PBX…what types of phones are you going to be using?

I’m afraid its those analog phones…a bunch of Panasonic 2.5GHz analog phones…KX-TG2357…

I looked up its reference manual online at Panasonic’s website and its just traditional features…

Asterisk can activate an analog phone MWI light as long as it does not require the hotel-style 90volts. This should work transparently if you are using a channel bank or SIP gateway…