A few questions regarding a large asterisk install

Hello. So i have a few questions pertaining to a large asterisk install. The company i work for has a chance to bid on a project that involves the set up of asterisk with 200 handsets and 800 wireless phones. I have basic knowledge in asterisk and would like to join this project as a learning experiance.

my questions:

  1. I know that the general rule is that each asterisk server can handle ~200 concurrent calls. I think they are planning on having 6 asterisk servers for this. Is it possible to have 2 servers running 3 VM’s each to do this, or should there be 6 actual servers?

  2. 800 wireless phones. I believe the models we are looking at are all 2.4gHz. Would there be any risk of interference from so many phones at the same frequency.

These are all the questions i have for now. I am sure i will have more later. Basically i would like to educate myself on the basics of such a large setup.

Thank you in advance.

  1. I think you can safely assume that, if you need 6 machines, you need 6 real machines.

  2. How many Erlangs of traffic do you intend to generate? I would be surprised if you got anything like 800 Erlangs out of a single type of wireless phone with the same technology. I doubt you would get anything like that out of a single cell site, using many radio channels. However, I’ve never researched 2.4GHz ISM band phones.

Incidentally, specifying 2.4Ghz is probably not enough to characterise the phones from a contention/external interference point of view.

Thanks for the information david. I dont think we have the information in the amount of Erlangs, but I will look into it.

Another question that has been puzzling me. I have been looking at opensips/kamailio along with asterisk, and while i have discovered that there is quite a learning curve, it is something that intrigues me.

At what number of users does using opensips/kamailio benifit a system?

Also, when using multiple asterisk servers, how are they set up? as a cluster? or as seperate systems that trunk to each other?

again, thanks in advance!