Asterisk and dahdi

hey everybody, i have installed asterisk before DAHDI as i am new to this. now i came to know that meetme() application required DAHDI. i have installed it now and configure it with asterisk. then i open the make menuselect but the modules i needed still showing xxx. i do not want to reinstall asterisk because i do not want to lose my progress. please help me out…:frowning:

You need to re-run the ./configure script in Asterisk so it can go out and confirm the presence of DAHDI. Wrong forum, btw.

i have run the ./configure and the entered the menuselect but still the problem is there. the ixa2 module also seems xxx.
sorry if the forum is wrong but can i ask why is it wrong?

Forum was the Skype 4 Asterisk forum. I moved it.

You re-ran ./configure in the Asterisk source directory, after installing DAHDI properly, and Asterisk’s configure script didn’t detect the presence of DAHDI?

yes i re-ran the ./configure in the asterisk directory.

it is not working. tell me is there any other possible solution for it? what about recompilation of asterisk?..

If you reconfigure, you must always recompile and re-install all but the configuration files. I’m sure that Malcolm took that as so obvious as not to need stating.

malcolm, can you please tell me the exact method how to uninstall asterisk completely? i think it would work better. :confused:

No reason to do that.

Change to your Asterisk directory
make install

If you really want to uninstall, do:

make uninstall

malcolm i have already done with the steps you mentioned. but still the modules are unable to load. what do you recommend now?

Sorry, I can’t carry you through with the free support you require.