Asterisk and CISCO SPA504g Phone Problem

Hello¡¡ I hope you to help me¡¡.

I have Asterisk a Cisco SPA504g Ip phone with a SIP acount.All other Sip phones works really good.

When I make a call from SPA504g to another phone its works good. The problem is when another phone calls to SPA504g, when I take the call the phone screen shows Call-Ended and comunication doesn’t work.

CLI SAYS: Warning[1448] rtp.c:462 ast_rtp_read: RTP read error: Connection reset by peer.Hanging up now.

I don’t know what is the problem. I’ve tried a new spa504g phone and i have the same problem.(CALL-ENDED). I don’t know what to do, all other phones works good.

I use 711u.

Thanks a lot¡¡

Hi stealthhab,

The SPA504G is configured in the same way as the Linksys SPA922, SPA942, or SPA962 IP phones.

Make sure that your new SPA504G’s is properly defined in the extensions.conf and sip.conf

Here’s a document that shows the basics of configuring a Cisco SPA5xx IP phone with Asterisk:



Cisco employee