Asterisk AMI integration with AJAM

Hello Asterisk community,

Some edge cases of our solution require us to send requests to the AMI. There seem to be 2 ways to communicate with the interface. One being TCP IP and one being AJAM.

Now… one of the pages in the docs states : "AJAM is a new technology which allows web browsers or other HTTP enabled applications and web pages to directly access the Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI) via HTTP. "

But later in the same section of the docs states: “AJAM is not supported and may have issues and may be removed in the future. Do not use it if at all possible. Use standard TCP based AMI instead.”

My question may sound like I’m being dense and it clearly says its not supported but the fact that these 2 statements contradict eachother makes things unclear for me.

Our team would prefer to use the http version because of its simplicity over TCP IP. Perhaps this is a skill issue and we should just learn TCP IP better.

Anyway does anyone have some insight? Would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

TCP/IP is the most widely used connection type of AMI and the supported mechanism. AJAM is seldom used, and the comment about not being supported is correct.

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Thank you for the fast reply. We will go the TCP/IP route in that case.

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