Asterisk AMI and starpy dbGet "Database entry not found"

I am using Asterisk 1.8 and python 2.6 on a “PBX in a Flash” platform.
I have tried starpy packages 1.0.0a11, 1.0.0a13, 1.0.1 and 1.0.2.

I tried all of the above starpy packages with the same result. When you query the AstDB using “dbGet” and the item is not in the AstDB, starpy posts a “AMICommandFailure” exception due to Asterisk AMI returning “Response: Error” with “Message: Database entry not found”.

I have searched the Internet and the digium web sites and I could not find others having this issue.

I looked at the file and it appears to me that the “dbGet” method seems to be incomplete as to how it handles the “Response: Error”.

I made changes to the file to handle this “Response: Error” and it seems to work well. The summery of the change is to develop a way to call a deferred function and return None when this happens.

Is there a way I can upload this file to get comments about the changes I made?

If this were an official Asterisk component, the appropriate place would be or the asterisk-dev mailing list. However, it is not clear to me that it is.

As a lot of the recent sourceforge commits seem to be from Asterisk developers, you may get a pointer by asking on the developer list or IRC channel. Alternatively try the sourceforge forum, although that looks pretty dead.

david55, thanks for the reply.

I was confused by the sources. The latest source I obtained was from what I thought to be from a digium web site. It does not show up on Internet searches. Somehow I stumbled onto it. The file name is It claims to be starpy-1.0.2. I can’t relocate this source.

I did see that the sourceforge site was old. Maybe I’m beating a dead chicken here.

Oh well.