AMD Not Working

Hi All,

I am trying to use the AMD (Answering Machine Detect).
But it is not sending the AMD_Status as either
the Human or Machine, it hangs up in middle.

can any one suggest us, what might be the problem
and possible solution to it.

below is the log

– Executing AMD(“SIP/sip-ffe0”, “”) in new stack
– AMD: SIP/sip-ffe0 14082284927 (null) (Fmt: 4)
Apr 23 08:00:26 NOTICE[28319]: app_amd.c:134 isAnsweringMachine: AMD using the default parameters.
– AMD: initialSilence [3500] greeting [1500] afterGreetingSilence [300] totalAnalysisTime [5000] minimumWordLength [120] betweenWordsSilence [50] maximumNumberOfWords [5] silenceThreshold [256]

any help is highly appreciated.