Asterisk addon package not routing traffic down ipsec tunnel

I have a IPSEC VPN connections between 2 locations.

Location 1 Has a pfsense router ( with a dedicated Asterisk server ( behind the routers LAN port.

Location 2 is a pfSense Netgate router with Asterisk package installed on the router (

At location 2 anything behind the Netgate router LAN port ( ipsec traffic travels to Location 1 ( fine with out issues. But from inside the Netgate router ( either via trying to ping in the GUI or ssh the Location 1’s network ( no packetes travel down the VPN.

So my issues is that I have short codes (ie *80) to dial the two locations but since Asterisk is not using the VPN tunnel on the Location 2 Netgate router ( they time out.

I need to find out how to get Asterisk from Location 2 to communicate down the VPN. Right now it simply does not even see the network at location 1 from inside the router.

Testing from Location 1’s router and Asterisk Server I can ping Location 2’s router. I cannot ping from inside Location 2’s router or Asterisk CLI to Location 1’s network (

I have other locations that route remote extensions fine to their destination provided that the Asterisk server is BEHIND the router, its just the locations with Asterisk inside the pFsense router I cannot get to communicate correctly.

I have asked this on the pFsense forums as well