Asterisk 20 pjsip

How Can I turn on default recording for all calls am using pjsip

This has nothing to with the channel driver. Make the first priority in the dialplan be a call to MixMonitor

There is no ‘default.’

As david551 says, use mixmonitor.

I use:


which uses channel variables specific to my dialplan.

am not using dialplan i use stasis and ari so should i send the call to dialplan first will be MixMonitor then i send back the channel to stasis or within stasis should i use set channel var and do it ?

That you were using ARI was essential information. I haven’t used ARI, so I don’t know what support it has for recording, although I’d expect there would be several steps involved.


You can’t initiate MixMonitor from ARI. You have to send it in to the dialplan and back as you mentioned, or implement your own MixMonitor using the primitives provided by ARI (which is possible).

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