Asterisk 20.6.0 Dialplan Read()

Since upgrading a system from Asterisk 20.5.0 to 20.6.0, the dialplan Read() command is not working. The specified timeout digit is ignored and the command falls through to the next line of dialplan code.

I reverted to Asterisk 20.5.0 on the system and the Read() command works as specified.

I’m using the command in custom context to play a recording and have the caller press a digit to continue further into the context. Here is the code example:

exten => s,n,Read(MYCODE,,1,n,1,5)```

You can apply the patch from utils: Make behavior of ast_strsep* match strsep. · asterisk/asterisk@edf5495 · GitHub to resolve it.

Thanks. I’ll wait for a 20.6.x release that solves the issue.

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