TimeOut Event On Read Command

Hi All Experts,

i have a question in related to READ command:

i am about to define the selection on a MAIN menu that i will play:
once selecting 1-> DIAL
once selecting 2-> DIAL
once selecting 3-> DIAL
once selecting 4-> DIAL

I am interested to add a timeout event (that i will set for 5 seconds on the read command) that once it will occur i will do another DIAL command
Can any one share syntax event of such implementation?

Does TIMEOUT(digit) as described in https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/AST/Asterisk+16+Function_TIMEOUT help?

You didnt specify what timeout option it is you re looking for, dial command also have a timeout option. this one work on the following mode

If no timeout it is specified, the Dial application will wait indefinitely until one of the called channels answers, the user hangs up, or if all of the called channels are busy or unavailable. Dialplan execution will continue if no requested channels can be called, or if the timeout expires

You can use this sintax:



i am referring to the timeout of the read command.
In addition i am familiar with the option of setting the timeout value as mentioned in the comments, what is more intresting me is to create an event when timeout has reached

In the read command i will have a welcome file that says the following:
for sales press 1
for service press 2
for secretary press 0 OR WAIT

the WAIT is the timeout for not pressing anything - and after this timeout i would like to have an event of DIAL to the secretary.

Test for an empty string.

However Backgrounda nd WaitExten may be better.

what do you mean david551 can you share an example?


Also see https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/AST/Background+and+WaitExten+Applications as it specifically covers timeouts.

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