Asterisk 18: Migrating from V11 hurdles

Hi there,

over many years I have run an AstV11 Version running, including “agents”, MOH, Fax and some other neat features.
As the underlying OS went EOL this year I had to step up and tried to get AstV18 running.

What hit me:
A: pjsip
WTF is that?!? Neither the migration script does its work, nor I am able to easily understand, how this stuff is ment to work -specialy in my environment, where I use my AVM FritzBox as a Multiline SIP Gateway only.
Resolution: I unload all PJ Modules except the ones for RTP support and run with de depreciated SIP. Not very state of the art, but for the moment it works.
Old: I set Music on Hold to some folder containing MP3 files and installed the AST-Addons.
New: MOH isn’t working and the documentation, where the compatible addons to find is not visible to me. I would not like to compile everything back to WAV, as some scripts are in place filling the MOH Folder with current sounds.
MOH seems to be not very good documented on the AST-Docs for the current version. Strange feeling to read from an outdated version to configure the current one.

So what are my questions:

  • Is there a good documentation about pjsip -and I do not mean the docs on They are horrible to read in some cases.
  • is there a good and up to date documentation about the addons in relation to the version 18, specialy regarding mp3 support?


This is the “new”, 7-8 year old channel driver to replace chan_sip :slight_smile:

I suggest narrowing your focus into the PJSIP Wizard stuff. That can make things easier. Then you need two files:

  1. /etc/asterisk/pjsip.conf
type = transport
protocol = udp
bind =
  1. /etc/asterisk/pjsip_wizard.conf
type = wizard
transport = transport-udp
accepts_registrations = yes
sends_registrations = no
accepts_auth = yes
sends_auth = no
endpoint/context = from-endpoint

endpoint/allow = !all,g722,alaw
inbound_auth/username = your_username_to_enter_on_fritz_box
inbound_auth/password = your_associated_password

I’ve never used a FritzBox though it sounds fun – might be you want to change the auth method, the above example assumes you are registering from the FritzBox to the PBX.

That could be due to problems with MP3 handlers on your new OS. Generally, I think Asterisk improved MP3 MOH handling in version 13+ so you might want to check the newer samples files for details.

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