Asterisk 18 audio hook

Hello guys. we are getting error audiohook when we compiling asterisk 18 new version …
audiohook.c: In function ‘audiohook_read_frame_single’:
audiohook.c:226: error: unknown field ‘format’ specified in initializer
audiohook.c:226: warning: initialization makes integer from pointer without a cast

how to resolve this issue please…

Is this a fresh install? Was a previous version of Asterisk on the system? Have you modified Asterisk at all? That line itself has been present for quite a few versions, and it is almost as if Asterisk is trying to build against extremely old headers of itself.

Hy jcolp … is fresh compiling first time… only i got issue on asterisk 18 other all version compling finely

What Linux distribution are you building on?

hy … i am using centos 6 32bit

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