Audio Hook on a channel

I’m trying to set an audio hook on a channel but having different issues. I can successfully initiate the hook on the channel using a registered app through the dial plan but once the call hangs up, the asterisk server crashes and reboots on its own. I also tried using the example on the asterisk site utilizing the Set approach but get a func not registered error, additionally I tried the AUDIOHOOK_INHERIT approach but that has been deprecated and I also get the AUDIOHOOK_INHERIT func not registered error. Any suggestions?


You’d need to debug why the crash is occurring.

I’ve already debugged and is not showing much other than SIP already gone and the channel we’re using doesn’t appear to leave the bridge like it normally does when audio hook is not initialized. Is there a way to set the audio hook using the example in the asterisk site as such:

exten => 1,n,MixMonitor(training_recording.wav)

exten => 1,n,Set(AUDIOHOOK_INHERIT(MixMonitor)=yes)

Audiohooks are a low level API for use by C developers. How the C developer exposes it, is up to them. There is no standard way of doing so.

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