Asterisk 18.6 odbc voicemail duration doubled

I’m not sure if this is 18.6 specific, but our odbc voicemail duration is being doubled.

For example, a 7s voicemail shows up in the database as either 14 or 15 seconds (assuming some rounding going on somewhere).

I dug through app_voicemail_odbc.c but couldn’t find anything regarding duration variables that I could hang my hat on to submit a bug report.

Any advice?

Edit: We do have format=sln16 in voicemail.conf, sln16 is about twice as big as a wav. Wondering if that’s it?

Update: That seems to be the case, it’s miscalculating the size because of the codec. I don’t see sln16 as an option in the docs, unsure if I should submit a bug report on this.

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