Asterisk 16.5 'ODBC show'

I install Asterisk 16.5 and configure odbc connection with res_odbc.conf.
After configure i check connection with command ‘odbc show’.
odbc show’ command returns this text.

sqltest*CLI> odbc show

ODBC DSN Settings

  Name:   asteriskdb
  DSN:    asterisk-connector
    Number of active connections: 1 (out of 1)
    Logging: Disabled

What does it means Logging: Disabled`.?

From the res_odbc.conf.sample:

; Enable query logging. This keeps track of the number of prepared queries
; and executed queries as well as the query that has taken the longest to
; execute. This can be useful for determining the latency with a database.
; The data can be viewed using the "odbc show" CLI command.
; Note that only successful queries are logged currently.
;logging => yes

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