Asterisk 16.1.1 crashes FRACK!, Failed assertion user_data is NULL

Hi, we have an Asterisk PBX 16.1.1 in production, running on a dedicated server, but from a few months ago it has started to crash in approximate periods of 15 days, and in the log always appears the next reason:

ERROR[18650][C-0000259f] rtp_engine.c: FRACK!, Failed assertion user_data is NULL (0)

We implement CEL using SQLite3, our application query it every 800 miliseconds (we were using AMI previously but we had other problems with AMI), could the problem be there?

We have look into the source code of asterisk, file rtp_engine.c, and we have seen that there are code lines calling the function ast_assert, is it possible to comment those lines and recompile Asterisk to avoid crashes?
are those assertions necessary in production mode?
or there is a way to disable them?

Thank you very much.

I believe it should only assert if you’ve configured, and then compiled with –enable-dev-mode.

However, it’s usually a sign that something has gone quite wrong, so I’d recommend first upgrading to the latest version of Asterisk 16, and if the problem still occurs collect a backtrace.

You can post the relevant parts here in hopes someone has a workaround, but a bug should ultimately be reported on the issue tracker.

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