Asterisk crash call on FRACK?

Hi guys! Now i start getting errors in a message log like this - call in this case just finishing.
What i can do with this?: Asterisk version 17.5.1!
[Jul 15 10:26:43] ERROR[26889] format_cap.c: FRACK!, Failed assertion bad magic number 0x0 for object 0x7fc99c0d4b58 (0)
[Jul 15 10:26:43] ERROR[26889] : Got 17 backtrace records

0: /usr/sbin/asterisk(__ao2_ref+0xa0) [0x55fcc57fe530]

1: /usr/sbin/asterisk(__ao2_ref+0x2ef) [0x55fcc57fe77f]

2: /usr/sbin/asterisk(+0x1036cd) [0x55fcc58966cd]

3: /usr/sbin/asterisk(__ao2_ref+0x2ef) [0x55fcc57fe77f]

4: /usr/sbin/asterisk(ast_channel_nativeformats_set+0x74) [0x55fcc585b244]

5: /usr/sbin/asterisk(+0xae197) [0x55fcc5841197]

6: /usr/sbin/asterisk(__ao2_ref+0x2ef) [0x55fcc57fe77f]

7: /usr/lib/asterisk/modules/ [0x7fc94524a33d]

8: /usr/sbin/asterisk(__ao2_ref+0x2ef) [0x55fcc57fe77f]

9: /usr/lib/asterisk/modules/ [0x7fc94524f290]

#10: /usr/sbin/asterisk(ast_taskprocessor_execute+0xc8) [0x55fcc594ab68]
#11: /usr/sbin/asterisk(+0x1beca0) [0x55fcc5951ca0]
#12: /usr/sbin/asterisk(ast_taskprocessor_execute+0xc8) [0x55fcc594ab68]
#13: /usr/sbin/asterisk(+0x1bf504) [0x55fcc5952504]
#14: /usr/sbin/asterisk(+0x1c78dc) [0x55fcc595a8dc]
#15: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ [0x7fc9c3edc4a4]
#16: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ [0x7fc9c2ae6d0f]

You’d need to file an issue[1] with precise instructions on how to reproduce the issue, configuration, SIP logging, everything. This is not something I’ve seen mentioned by anyone else and no issues have been filed, so it may be something specific to how you are using Asterisk or the environment.


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