Asterisk 13 DTMF choosing wrong codec

Hi all,

Currently running a pretty old version of Asterisk, we are due to upgrade in the near future but just need to find a way around this issue in the meantime on the current version 13.10.0

We have a system setup as
PSTN => Asterisk PBX => Asterisk PBX => PSTN

Calls work fine when going out and use PCMU both ways



Changing ONLY DTMF causes Asterisk to send PCMA and receive PCMU; the priority is the same in the sdp with PCMU being listed first


Is this a bug that got fixed at some later version? I have never known DTMF to impact codec choice or cause a different codec than specified to be sent.

In the meantime are there any options which can assist in this?

Thanks in advance!


Tried restricting to use just ulaw.
Still send alaw when DTMF is rfc2833
Send ulaw when DTMF is inband

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