Asterisk 13.8 DTMF Issues

My topology on below
SIP Provider->Asterisk 13 with PJSIP->PRI
When call coming from SIP Provider DTMF on the PRI doesn’t work. But call coming from Asterisk DTMF works.

SIP Provider->Asterisk with SIP->PRI
Like this DTMF works over PRI
Do you have any idea?

We’d need to see console output with DTMF logging enabled, configuration, and an rtp set debug on.

As well just for confirmation: You are saying DTMF received from the SIP provider is not transmitted to the PRI?

If you’re familiar with wireshark, start a tcpdump, make an inbound call and check the INFO and RTP messages for the dtmf mode. If they’re not using RFC2833, it’s likely to be Inband. If it’s Inband, you’ll want to make sure you’re using the G711 (ulaw or alaw) codec.