Asterisk 13 - ARI - Performance

I would like to know the best practices to improve performance while working with ARI.

In my application for example, I can see in Asterisk a hangup on a channel happening but the message received in my websocket client have a considerable delay.

Thanks in advance

Generally we pass on the message as quick as we can once we receive indication that the channel has hung up. In other cases where this has been a problem it’s been isolated to the application itself.

Do you have an example of this happening with console output and timing information?

Well, i just wanted to know if there is a conf file configuration that might improve the websocket performance, or maybe unloading unecessary modules for example.
But if you say there is no changes that will affect the response performance, i will check with a different network latency. That might be it.

I will get back to this thread when i test it again in our staging environment. The network is much faster and this delay should decrease.