Regarding to ARI Rest API's

Hi I am Using node-ari client package using typescript and i am doing load testing of my application but the issue i am facing is i am testing this on 2000 channels like a outbound calls but then LEG B channel hangup i am manually hanging up the LEG A channel using ari.channels.hangup and i am using callback here not await but like in 1000 LegA channel
sometime 40 Channels are left, sometimes 20 and so on
I also debug the senario and found out that i hit the hangup but the channel is not hangup and i did’nt receive any response from that when i tried to hangup that channel after load test it will hangup smoothly

console.log("ABOUT TO HANGUP")
 ari.channels.hangup({channelId}).then(async (channel) => { 
console.log(channel, "Hello");

and i have recieved "HELLO "in this but the channels which are stuck the code never went inside but log the outer console,
Please help me is there any thing i am missing?

It sounds like your load test was successful, and now you need to either narrow down what the exact maximum number of channels is that you can support, or you could try throwing more hardware at the problem. Watching for errors in your Asterisk logs about taskprocessor issues might help you find the sweet spot. Asterisk, like many systems, eschews work when the going gets tough.

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