Asterisk 13 and Asterisk 17 Security Fix Only

Greetings all,

This is a reminder that as of October 24th Asterisk 13 has gone security fix only. This means that it will receive no new bug fixes, and any outstanding bug fixes which have been merged (or are up for review) will be released in an upcoming final bug fix release. Asterisk 13 has been with us a long time - since October 24th of 2014, but its time is now over. If you have not yet made plans to upgrade to either Asterisk 16 or Asterisk 18 then now is the time to start.

As well if you are an Asterisk 17 user then as of tomorrow (October 28th) it too will enter security fix only status.

A great resource for being aware of this information and planning is the Asterisk Versions[1] wiki page. Timelines are provided on each Asterisk version for when it transitions to security fix only and ultimately end of line.