Asterisk 13.20.0-rc1 and 15.3.0-rc1 Now Available


The Asterisk Development Team would like to announce the first release candidates for Asterisk 13.20.0 and 15.3.0.

These release candidates are available for immediate download at

If you’d like to help please download the release candidates and test them. Any problems should be reported to the issue tracker.

For a full list of changes in these release candidates, see the following ChangeLogs:


Thank you for your continued support of Asterisk!



@kharwell Wow 13.19.2 was just announced a day ago?


13.19.2 was for security fixes only and did not include any bugfixes. This new release includes bugfixes.


@jcolp at any time will the new versions include security and bugfixes in one?


Security releases are just that, the last release plus security fixes only.

A new release, like the one mentioned here, includes the security fixes and bug fixes.


@jcolp 13.20.0 includes the security fixes of 13.19.2 plus bugfixes from which past version?


It includes the security fixes and all bug fixes put into the tree since 13.19.0 was released.


@jcolp much appreciate the clarity.