Trouble forwarding DTMF packets


I’m running into situations where asterisk doesn’t seem to want to send on DTMF packets. I can see my client devices send them to Asterisk itself, but for whatever reason sometimes the packets are forwarded on to the other client end, or I never see them again, or they are forwarded on the next time one of the clients send RTP packets again. It’s as if the DTMF packets are sometimes getting lost or held up with in asterisk (1.4.30). Any suggestions?


What DTMF method are you using? What is set on Asterisk and on the IP Phones?
If InBand method does not work, it’s worth to try some OutBand methors (SIP Info, RCF2833). But you have to set the same method on Asterisk and IP Phones!

Phones and Asterisk are using RFC2833