Asterisk 13.6 / AMI Bridge

Hi all,

I was using the Bridge action to bridge two existing channels.
The scenario was simple : A calls B, B answers. B put A on hold and calls C. C answers.
Then I submit a Bridge Action to put A with C (and hangup B).

It was working fine with Asterisk 11.

With Asterisk 13, C can hear A put A still hear music on hold.

Do you have any idea or suggestion ?



I have the following scenario :
A calls B
B answers
B put A on hold
B calls C
Then, I ask, using AMI to bridge the A-channel with the C-channel

B is out
C can hear A
A still hear the music on hold

This was working with Asterisk 11
This doesn’t work with Asterisk 13

Any idean ?


hi amorette,

I am also facing the same issue. How did you resolve it?


It appears to be an open issue: ASTERISK-25079