Asterisk-11 yum Repository

Is there a plan to package Asterisk-11 (cestos 5)?

Looking forward to seing some of the fixes in 11.


Does anyone know when we may see V10.10.x-x packaged and in the repo?

It looks like the last update to V10 was 31-Aug-2012 14:35

Still no updates to V10 repo and no sight of a V11 Repo.

Have these been deprecated like the debian repo’s?

So we got V10.12.0 packaged 15-Jan-2013 12:40 and we have a Asterisk-11 repo

but no Asterisk-11 packages.

Does anyone know when Asterisk-11 will be packaged and made avaiable in the repo?

Still no one know when we may see asterisk 11 packaged and in the repo’s?