Asterisk 11 expiry time

Hi All,

We are using asterisk 11 for our clients. However I heard from someone that it will not be available after october 2017.

I need to check will the end clients able to download the asterisk 11 after october or not.

thanks in advance,


The source code will be available indefinitely. For packages you will have to ask the package maintainer.

Why not simply take a snapshot of the relevant part of the repository.

Note Asterisk 11 is already in its., lame duck, security fixes only stage.

Hi david,
thanks for your response, so according to you we should be able to download asterisk 11 but we need to contact package maintainer?


The Asterisk 11 source code will remain available. If you are using a package from your distribution (such as one installed using apt-get install asterisk) or another from elsewhere you’d need to contact them to be sure it will remain available, but it likely will.