How to create function in asterisk

Hi Team,

I am want to know about how to make our own function in asterisk like dial,playback.etc.

and what is the path of that function files.

thansk in advance…:slight_smile:


That is a developer question; this is an end user forum. There is not a one to one association between functions and files. Functions are written, in C, as part of various modules, and those modules register the functions they contain, at run time. At run time functions are either in individual .so files in /var/lib/asterisk, or embedded in the main asterisk source code, in /usr/sbin/asterisk.

To the extent that there is a one to one mapping with source files, the C file will be funcs/func_XXXXX.c, relative to the source code directory, and the run time file, /usr/lib/asterisk/

I believe ARI may provide a halfway house, but I have no experience of it.