Asterisk 11: 3-Way Call via AMI/AGI

We’re running Asterisk 11 and are stumped as to how to initiate a 3-way call/conference call during an active call without the use of transferring to a MeetMe/static conference room. Use case: A calls/connects to B, A puts B on hold and dial/connects to C, A then connects all parties (A, B, C), A disconnects leaving B and C in call.

The Asterisk 12+ rework came with the feature code ‘atxferthreeway’. We’ve tested this on a 12 deployment and it performs perfectly for our use case, however, it’s not directly available on Asterisk 11. Is there a way we could simulate this functionality via AMI/AGI calls? All of our outbound dialing and transferring (dial, redirect, atxfer) is done via AMI Actions. Is this possible without upgrading to Asterisk 12+?

Other info: We have Yealink handsets that support this exact functionality via a conference button and a call to a confereence sip action uri, however, we would like to transition to softphones that do not have said functionality, leading us to do this via AMI/AGI, if possible.

We’ve tried AMI originating dials during active calls via SIP/exten and Local/exten, as well as initiating a Atxfer and then bridging the held party to the talking channel, but have been unable to successfully reproduce what occurs during the atxferthreeway feature/Yealink conference uri.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


The atxferthreeway feature is available on Asterisk’s version >= 12. X, there is an AMI action called Atxfer, but it wont bridge all parties on a single bridge, the best way to emanuale this kind of transfer is using Local channel and a confbridge with feature codes

Are you referring to custom or built-in Asterisk 11 feature codes? Could you provide an example steps of how to emulate this?


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