Asterisk 16 AMI - Atxfer command

I’ve been searching / testing various things for hours now, would love some help.

We are using a very customized (AGI heavy) system. We have asterisk, a python proxy for handling authentication (so we can use our windows accounts), MicroSIP, and a custom desktop app for controlling the status.

The new feature I am working on will allow an agent who is currently on a call to hit a button, pull up a list of other agents within their team (we have tenant separation so we can run many call centers on one system), select a specific agent, and transfer the call to that person.

I have managed to get Action: Redirect to work, I fed it the context / extension, then just as a test hard coded my sip address into the dialplan. Works, but it immediately hangs up on the first agent, I’d love some kind of handoff.

I switched to using Atxfer action, with the same context and extension, and… nothing happens at all.
Action: Atxfer
Channel: SIP/
Context: agent_transfer
Exten: 1
Priority: 1

dialplan (very basic, just for testing)
exten => 1,1,Noop(Original Agent: $agent_id)
same => n,Dial(SIP/10.x.x.x:port)

As stated, if I switch to Action: Redirect, it works just fine. With Atxfer, absolutely nothing happens. I have manager debug on, and I see the command come through, it’s just… nothing.

I’m sure I’m missing something very simple, if anyone could please help me out.

If this has been redacted, please indicate that and the structure before redaction. If it hasn’t been redacted, it is missing two fields, chan_sip channel names are typically of the form SIP/<peername>-<instance number>

Asterisk 16 is in security fix only mode and only has about four months of that left. chan_sip is a lame duck and, effectively, unsupported It is no longer in the master branch on GitHub.

It was indeed redacted (though, seems the forum redacted it even further than I had) - it is in the correct format.

As for 16 being in security fix mode only - I’m not looking to report a bug, I’m trying to understand how to properly use the Atxfer command. I’ve followed the documentation as best as I can, but there isn’t much at Asterisk 16 ManagerAction_Atxfer - Asterisk Project - Asterisk Project Wiki

you can also use this, where yout redirect channel1 til X and channel2 to Y

Action: Atxfer
Channel: SIP/<sip channel id>
Context: agent_transfer
Exten: 1
Priority: 1

Atxfer works by actually pretending to do DTMF based attended transfer. It’s a blunt approach, which I would expect to also need the appropriate DTMF feature enabled.

Hm. Given how our system is setup, that is, our agents do not have extensions since they connect through a proxy (to asterisk, all agents are the same agent, we dial using IP:Port), I’m not sure that DTMF would work for our use case. I may need to explore doing some sort of Originate / Dial, then bridge.

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