Asterisk 1.8 & MySQL

Hi there,

I managed to get connected with my remote mysql database. However I made a table with my sipfriends in.
When i try to register an error occurs ’ no peer found’. But it is in my table. When I try a sipfriend from the sip.conf , i can register and make a call.
In the CLI , when typing ‘odbc show’, I get “Connected yes”.

No warnings what so ever in the log files.

Need help fast, i’ve been searching the web for days.

THanks in advance.


I am using MySQL also but without ODBC
In extconfig:
sipusers => mysql, asterisk, {table}
sippeers=>mysql, asterisk, {table}
in res_mysql.conf
And that is all. Then I only have to fill table for sipusers and sippeers - and table can be same.
sip show peers
show all my peers including realtime


I forgot to mention the type ( friend), however is was default 'friends ’ in my table.

T hx! :mrgreen: