Asterisk w Gtalk: jabber module error

Hy everyone, i’m actually using asterisk to trying free outcall with gtalk. This is my setup:

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS upgraded

Asterisk , instillation from source
Iksemel 1.4 , instillation from source
Chan_gtalk and res_jabber activated

I used the classical “Calling using Google” from asterisk wiki: … ing+Google

Configurations files (sip.conf, extension.conf,jabber.conf,gtalk.conf are OK, i checked from wiki page).

But in the asterisk’s CLI mode i have some couple of error … impossible for me to find an explanation. There is a lot of topics about theses errors but no response :

[Jan 28 16:01:18] WARNING[1313]: res_jabber.c:1392 aji_recv: Parsing failure: Hook returned an error. [Jan 28 16:01:18] WARNING[1313]: res_jabber.c:2743 aji_recv_loop: JABBER: Got hook event. [Jan 28 16:01:34] WARNING[1313]: res_jabber.c:2754 aji_recv_loop: JABBER: socket read error [Jan 28 16:01:38] ERROR[1313]: res_jabber.c:1611 aji_act_hook: TLS connection cannot be established. Please install OpenSSL and its development libraries on this system, or disable the TLS option in your configuration file

aptitude cache for SSL packets:

apt-cache search libssl | grep SSL

libcherokee-mod-libssl - Cherokee web server - SSL crypto functions plugin
libssl-ocaml - OCaml bindings for OpenSSL (runtime)
libssl-ocaml-dev - OCaml bindings for OpenSSL
libssl-dev - SSL development libraries, header files and documentation
libssl0.9.8 - SSL shared libraries
openssl - Secure Socket Layer (SSL) binary and related cryptographic tools
openssl-doc - Secure Socket Layer (SSL) documentation

it’s looks like good …

Calls dont’ work with my WebPhone (MizuPhone)… the ebphone stay on “Calling” message but no phone call comes out

I really appreciate help … :smiley:


Anyone ?

Try install iksemel from ->
Reconfigure and install the asterisk again. (./configure, make menuselect, make && make install)

Check to see if your jabber is connected:

root@ASUS:~# asterisk -rx "jabber show connections" Jabber Users and their status: [myAccount] - Connected

Also check your SIP connections.

root@athena:~# asterisk -rx "core show help sip show"
sip show {channels|subscriptio List active SIP channels or subscriptions
sip show channelstats List statistics for active SIP channels
sip show channel Show detailed SIP channel info
sip show domains List our local SIP domains
sip show history Show SIP dialog history
sip show inuse List all inuse/limits
sip show mwi Show MWI subscriptions
sip show objects List all SIP object allocations
sip show peers List defined SIP peers
sip show peer Show details on specific SIP peer
sip show registry List SIP registration status
sip show sched Present a report on the status of the scheduler queue
sip show settings Show SIP global settings
sip show tcp List TCP Connections
sip show users List defined SIP users
sip show user Show details on specific SIP user
root@athena:~# asterisk -rx "sip show peers"
Name/username Host Dyn Forcerport ACL Port
101/101 (Unspecified) D N 0 UNK
102/102 D N 59097 OK
NokiaE71x/NokiaE71x (Unspecified) D N 0 UNK
callcentric/1777XXXXXXX (Unspecified) 0 Unm
4 sip peers [Monitored: 1 online, 2 offline Unmonitored: 0 online, 1 offline]

Im using gtalk on 2 asterisk servers with asterisk 1.8 and ubuntu server, this is the guide that i created for the installation step by step of asterisk and gtalk and jabber settings, Work for me perfect. … sk-18.html