Asterisk + XMPP (Jabber)

This is the error I get on the CLI :

[Jul 5 20:18:13] JABBER: asterisk INCOMING: </stream:stream> [Jul 5 20:18:13] ERROR[10951]: res_jabber.c:495 aji_act_hook: aji_act_hook was called with out a packet [Jul 5 20:18:13] WARNING[10951]: res_jabber.c:1563 aji_recv_loop: JABBER: Got hook event. [Jul 5 20:18:14] JABBER: reconnecting. [Jul 5 20:18:14] JABBER: asterisk OUTGOING: <?xml version='1.0'?><stream:stream xmlns:stream='' xmlns='jabber:client' to='' version='1.0'> [Jul 5 20:18:14] JABBER: asterisk INCOMING: <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?><stream:stream xmlns:stream="" xmlns="jabber:client" from="openfire.jocan.local" id="b239b693" xml:lang="en" version="1.0"> [Jul 5 20:18:14] ERROR[10951]: res_jabber.c:515 aji_act_hook: gnuTLS not installed. You need to recompile the Iksemel library with gnuTLS support [Jul 5 20:18:14] JABBER: asterisk INCOMING: <stream:features><starttls xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-tls"></starttls><mechanisms xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-sasl"><mechanism>DIGEST-MD5</mechanism><mechanism>PLAIN</mechanism><mechanism>ANONYMOUS</mechanism><mechanism>CRAM-MD5</mechanism></mechanisms><compression xmlns=""><method>zlib</method></compression><auth xmlns=""/><register xmlns=""/></stream:features>
I have installed gnuTLS from the RedHat repos and compiled iksemel from source.
When running ‘make menuselect’ res_jabber was available.

I also have moved the libiksemel-libraries from /usr/local/lib to /usr/lib as this was a solution I found on this forum.

[root@asterisk asterisk]# ls /usr/lib/ | grep iksemel

Asterisk is unable to connect to my Jabber-server OpenFire :

[code]asterisk*CLI> jabber show connected
Jabber Users and their status:
User: asterisk@ - Disconnected

Number of users: 1[/code]
This is my jabber.conf :

debug=yes ;;Turn on debugging by default.
autoprune=yes ;;Auto remove users from buddy list.
autoregister=yes ;;Auto register users from buddy list.

[asterisk] ;;label
type=client ;;Client or Component connection
serverhost= ;;Route to server for example,
username=asterisk@ ;;Username with optional roster.
secret=XXXXXXX ;;Password
port=5222 ;;Port to use defaults to 5222
buddy=candy@ ;;Manual addition of buddy to list.[/code]

So I’m searching for someone who has already successfully implemented this Jabber-integration.

For my setup I have disabled the firewall on my Asterisk-server.