Asterisk + Aastra 9133i No Hold Music drops Call

We were hoping that the latest version would solve this issue. When we were using Asterisk and below the 9133i would work just fine. Now pressing hold give no hold music and drops the call when the RTP Timer Limit is reached (normally 30sec). If the hold is released prior to the timeout the call will not drop. Does anyone have a idea on how to get around this problem? Note: our Aastra 9143i and 6731i phones do not have this problem. We would dislike to roll-back to 1.6.x but with around 75 133i phones we may have no other choice.

I believe that Asterisk no longer handles the obsolete method of signalling hold by setting the RTP connection address to There have reports on the issue tracker about this and it may well be an acknowledged regression bug.

It then sounds like Aastra does not want to keep up with current technology. Is this regressive bug fixable or is it not desirable moving forward?

You’ll need to search the issue tracker ( That’s what I’d have to do to answer the question.

Thank you here is the answer I am looking for:

Matt Jordan closed ASTERISK-19159 (Asterisk fails to start MOH when SDP specifies connection IP of only) saying:
I knew this looked familiar. Duh. I fixed this in ASTERISK-18086, which is destined for 1.8.9.

This should hopefully fix the problems with the old series of Aastra.

Update: On and now the MOH works but get “Disconnecting call for lack of RTP activity in xxx seconds” using the 9133i. Contacted Aastra, and they are giving a song and dance wanting a packet trace on the 9133i and a 6731i during the hold. Has anyone submitted this to them?

FYI, this issue is now resolved for me.

I just updated from asterisk to, and MOH now plays for calls placed on hold from Aastra 9133i phones. Thanks to the developers for implementing the change that got this working again.

-Daniel Mann