Asterisk blind transfer problem

I’m running Asterisk vrsn, Fedora 14, and phones are all Cisco 7920 or 7960. All internal extensions use 3-digits. Features.conf is set to use ‘#1’ for blind transfers and ‘#2’ for attended transfers.

Attended transfers work OK, but in a blind transfer (B transferring caller A over to C), after the voice prompt to enter an extension, Asterisk immediately responds to the first digit pressed and tries to jump to a single-digit extension in B’s context. Then A hears the message about an invalid extension. As one demented test, I put a Read() command in the 1-digit extension, and Asterisk accepted the remaining 2 digits only from A. We just upgraded from vrsn, and had no problems with blind transfers before the upgrade.

Has anyone else run into this problem? Are there are sip.conf settings that might affect this behaviour?

  • Dennis