Asterisk Installation

Dear Support,

We are trying to upgrade to Asterisk on an Elastix 1.6 platform.

when i do "make install"
i get the following warning:

Your Asterisk modules directory, located at
contains modules that were not installed by this
version of Asterisk. Please ensure that these
modules are compatible with this version before
attempting to run Asterisk.

Can you please advise how should I resolve this? Thank you.


You have to delete the files in /usr/lib/asterisk/modules before the upgrade. I would recommend that you back up the files to another directory, delete them in /usr/lib/asterisk/modules and try “make install” again.


this happens because there is(was) an old version of Asterisk installed and these modules were compiled in a different way from Asterisk 1.6

As the friend above said, just delete them and compile again.

Remeber the backup! :smile:

./configure make clean make make install

make clean will take care the house clean.