Asterisk false ringing

I’m using Asterisk with a Sangoma A500 BRI card and when calling outside numbers we are getting ‘fake’ ring tone as soon as we’ve completed dialling and after a few rings asterisk ‘catches up’ with what is really happening and we might then get busy or number unavailable??

And before you ask no I’m not using the ‘r’ option in the Dial() command :smile:

Any help gratefully received…


Your vendor’s going to be your best source of troubleshooting. They use some sort of external signaling library; who knows if it’s the thing providing ringing.


Spent MANY hours in IRC chat and on the phone to Sangoma support and they ‘swear blind’ it’s not an issue with their card or driver software, and even suggested it was our SNOM phones generating the ringing until we installed Xlite and it did the same thing.

Ah well - looks like we’ll have to live with it !

Should have got a digium BRI card :frowning:

In that case, we would have been able to have provided you with Support. :frowning:

Best of luck. :smile: