Asterisk no ringing tone in the second dial command

Hello Everyone,

I am a newbie of Asterisk. I have a problem in getting a ringing tone for different setups. In order to simplify the discussion, two cases (Case I and II) are presented as follows:

;Case I
exten => 221,2,Dial(SIP/200,r)

;Case II
exten => 222,1,Answer
exten => 222,2,Dial(SIP/200,r)
exten => 222,3,Hangup()

If I use a registered sip phone with the extension number 200 and make a call to 221, the telephone 200 rings and I could hear the ringing tone (Case I) and no warning is shown.

If I make a phone call to extension 222, the tephone 200 rings but I could not hear any ringing tone (Case II). The following message is displayed on my CLI console.

– Executing [222@internal:1] Answer(“SIP/201-0012c330”, “”) in new stack
– Executing [222@internal:2] Dial(“SIP/201-0012c330”, “SIP/200||r”) in new stack
– Called 200
WARNING[2532]: channel.c:2568 ast_indicate_data: Unable to handle indication 3 for ‘SIP/201-0012c330’

I am using Asterisk on OpenWrt. I do not know why there is an warning message given when “exten => 222,2,Dial(SIP/200,r)” is executed.

I would like to get a ringing tone in the Case II too. Do you know how to do it? Please help!!!


YH is quite old. You probably need to reproduce this on the current version. Indication 3 is RINGING, so the message is simply saying that it is it was unable to forward ringing. This is probably true, as you have already answered, so any ringing would have to be faked, but it should have been fake properly.