Asterisk videocalls don't work


I try to make a videocall with asterisk but it doesn’t work.

I modifies sip.conf with
and each host with

The softphones are x-lite.
I don’t know what is the problem because with asterisk 1.4.x and the same configuration it’s ok.


Who help me?

If you have a change of behaviour, for the worse, on upgrading, you have a prima facie case for a bug report on As this will be a SIP issue, you will need to provide the required evidence for a SIP bug report. Check it for anything obvious, before submitting it.


I’m not a guru of asterisk, but i’m sure (99.9%) that with the same configuration the newer version 1.6.x don’t work.
Probably it’s sip protocol…

The strange thing is that nowbody has the same problem!?

So what can I do?where can I report a bug? But you will need the specified SIP debugging information before it will get looked at.

Where can I find the SIP debugging information? :confused:

I think it is in the documentation directory in the source tree, but, otherwise, it is referenced from the home page of

I think it is something like debug 8, verbose 8, provide both SIP history and sip set debug output. Also provide relevant parts of the dialplan and sip.conf.


I make a lot of test.

Ubuntu 9.04 with 2.6.28 kernel…

1)asterisk video call work
2)asterisk video call doesn’t work
3)asterisk video call doesn’t work
4)asterisk video call work

all with same configuration…

The problem could be in SDP header???

I also try with CentOS 5.3 and asterisk the video call doesn’t work.

What can I do?